Ben Stein: It’s Trivial – Stealing Stein’s….. Stuff?

Ben Stein, most well known for his hit TV game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, has graced the iPhone compliments of a trivia game (not much surprise there). In Ben Stein: It’s Trivial, rather than trying to ‘win’ his money, your goal is to score as many points as possible via trivia questions. With enough points, you can have Cheex the monkey steal Ben’s prized possessions.

Starting out each game, players can choose from four categories: Sports, Pop Culture, Natural Wonder and Random Steinage. There are 10 questions per round and 3 rounds all together. All questions are in the form of multiple choice. The faster you answer, the more points you earn. On normal questions, shaking the phone will take away 2 wrong answers and leave you with 2 final choices. Doing this though will halve the points earned as well.

Your life line is essentially Cheex climbing a vine. Answer correctly and he climbs higher, a wrong answer will see Cheex fall down the vine. Falling too far down and the round is over. During ‘Special Vine Climb’ questions, Cheex will gain a climbing boost if you answer the question correctly. Upon reaching the top of the vine and answering the subsequent Bonus Question correcly, players will receive even more points via the multiplier boost.

Adding to the gameplay is the option to either steal Ben’s stuff after every round OR continue to the next round. The catch here is that should you lose in the next round, all points earned will be lost. The questions do get harder after each round (while points earned increases), so there is no guarantee you will adding points to your total should you lose the round. This choice of quit now and keep your points or continue but risk everything certainly adds to the challenge.

Didn't know Stein owned so many pairs of shoes

It is not hard to see that Ben Stein: It’s Trivial is a well polished game. The music and sound effects are nicely done and the artwork along with the Stein Bobblehead definitely adds to the fun. With over 1,200 questions in 4 categories, I have only seen a repeat question once or twice after few hours of play. With so many interesting items steal from Ben, players should have no trouble playing the game over and over again.

Steal, monkey steal!

While Ben Stein: It’s Trivia does carry a higher price tag ($4.99) compared to some of the other trivia games at the App Store, fans of the genre and Stein himself should enjoy this title. With so many questions available and the ‘go big or go home’ gameplay option found at the end of each round, players will find themselves wanting to take Ben Stein to the cleaners.

App Summary
Title: Ben Stein:It’s Trivial (v1.2) Developer: Griptonite Games
Price: $4.99 App Size: 63.2 mb
  • 4 Categories and 1200 questions
  • Excellent Presentation
  • Graphics and Sound are well done
  • Stealing Ben Stein’s stuff adds to replay value
  • Screens introducing bonus rounds and questions somewhat slows down the pace of the game
  • Shaking the iPhone to eliminate wrong answers not always responsive

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