A look at Margot’s Word Brain

Margot’s Word Brain is a multi-platform word game that has now been ported to the iPhone, compliments of Slam Productions. Players will find not one, but five types of word games to play with. Included are Word Link, Word Mine, Hyper Text, Word Safe and Word Search. Upon choosing your type of game, first time players can watch Margot give an on screen demonstration explaining the rules of that particular game. Most of the games have a time limit of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Those who have played Bookworm will be familiar with Word Link. The board is made up of 6 x 6 letters and your job is to link as many words as possible in the time frame. Letters used to spell out a valid word will vanish from the board and existing letters will be pushed down by new ones from the top of the board. If you get stomped, you may choose to shuffle the board for new letters. Every time you do so,  5 seconds will be deducted from the clock.

At the beginning of every round in Word Search, Margot will show you 3 words that you must remember. Once the game starts, you have 15 seconds to find these 3 words on a 6 x 6 board. These words are hiding somewhere in the grid. Once you find them, tap on the first and last letters of that word to have it submitted. If you are successful in finding all three, you will move on to the next round. At first I didn’t really see the point in this game as the letters were so easy to find. Then I started getting into later rounds and the challenge definitely picks up as the letters all over the board start to look very much like the actual word. With only 20 seconds per round, your eyes better scan fast.

In Word Safe, you will find letters formed in two outer rings and 1 letter in the middle. The two rings can be can be rotated clockwise and counter clockwise by spinning them around with your finger. Letters that are adjacent or diagonally across from each other can be linked into a word. Tapping shuffle will reset the rings with new letters as well as deduct 5 seconds from your clock. It does take a bit to get used to and the short clock time doesn’t help.

Word Mine is my favorite game out of the five. You must build as many words as possible from the 6 given letters in 1m30s. An info box will show you the number of possible word combinations from 3 to 6 letters. One thing I did find missing was the ability to shuffle your letters around in case you get stuck.  Also would have been nice if Margot showed you all the words missed after each round. Otherwise, a fun fast paced game.

In Hyper TXT, your goal is to submit as many words as possible by spelling the letters out via the ‘TXT’ pad. If you have done any texting from a cell phone before, then you should know the drill. I have never enjoyed texting with a number pad before, so its no surprise that I didn’t spend much time on this particular game. Perhaps texting gurus will like this more.

Even with 5 games up Margot’s sleeve, there is one glaring option missing that could enchance the gameplay even more. Currently the games have a time limit of 1m30s (except Word Search). If users were allowed to change this setting, it would give players a more varied style of play for each game. With so many puzzle and word games that allow you to submit your high score online so you can see where you rank, it would definitely have been a plus if Slam Productions implemented this into the game as well. With so much competition for word games at the App Store, I find Margot’s Word Brain ($5.99) to be price a bit on the high end, even with multiple games and all.

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