Sticky Notes in Review: A Good Kinda Sticky for the iPhone?

Developer Air-O-Matic’s first app release, Pull My Finger (an app that made farting sounds as the phone vibrated), was rejected by Apple on grounds that it was of “limited utility”. With their follow up attempt in Stickies, Air-O-Matic has finally released one where Apple can’t accuse it of being useless. Stickies is a very simple app that allows users to create their own little stick-it notes and have them displayed in the phone unlock screen. Instead of seeing the battery indicator or some other picture background every time you ‘wake’ the iPhone, why not see some notes that could serve as a reminder?

To add a new note, simply tap the ‘+’ on the top left corner. After typing your note, you can also change the sticky background color, font and size by tapping on the corresponding buttons. Currently, you can cycle through 4 choices for each setting. These options help give the notes a bit of variation and style. When you are done finalizing your note, tap ‘Save as Image’ and the note will be saved as a jpg file into your camera roll. Now you must go to your photos, locate the new sticky note image and set it as your new wallpaper. The next time you wake your iPhone, the sticky note will be the first thing you see.

Stickies makes use of a very handy idea indeed, but I find the whole process of posting a sticky note to involve one too many steps. If you could set the note as a wallpaper within the Stickies app and not have to make your way to the camera roll, it wouldn’t be as troublesome. What if you had tons of photos in your roll? You would then have to scroll your way through a whole bunch of pics just to find your note. If you wanted to change your sticky note, you must repeat this once again. If there was a way to simplify this process as well as have the option of notes automatically cycle through every ‘X’ amount of minutes, the app could be much more user friendly and practical.

Stickies can definitely serve to be a useful app. On more than one occasion, I was reminded of something I needed to do simply by waking my iPhone. At the end though, the whole idea seems more like a workaround as opposed to an app that just worked straight out of the box. With all the steps required to display a note and change it, I will probably be saving Stickies for things I absolutely must get done. At $0.99, you will still find a handy little app, albeit one that is somewhat troublesome.

App Summary
Title: Stickies Developer: Air-O-Matic
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.2 mb
  • Display custom sticky notes on wake up screen
  • Reminder notes actually do help remind you of task and to-dos
  • Option to change color, font and size
  • Process of posting note and changing it can be very tedious
  • Can’t edit a note without saving another image of the edited note and setting it as wallpaper again
  • Could be a nuisance to find image file if camera roll is full of pictures

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