The Wait is Over! Fieldrunners 1.1 is upon us

After weeks of waiting, version 1.1 of Subatomic Studios’ smash hit Fieldrunners has finally arrived at the App Store. For those who missed out on this action packed title, you can read our review here. With new features like sound fx, music and additional fieldrunners, this is most definitely a must have update.

The most eagerly awaited update for the iPhone and iPod Touch has hit the iTunes App Store!

In the first update for the sensational top-selling hit FIELDRUNNERS, you encounter new enemies, explore an exciting new map, and challenge your wits with the all-new Endless gameplay mode! Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate tower defense master?

Begin humming the catchy theme composed by renowned sound designer AUBREY HODGES, whose work on over 160 titles includes the DOOM franchise, Madden, and Quake!

New Features found in 1.1:

  • Sound and music is here! This update includes sound effects and a Fieldrunners theme song.
  • Added a new map that requires new strategies.
  • Added the highly requested Endless gameplay mode!
  • Introduced two new fieldrunners. Watch out, one is invulnerable to goo!
  • Added a grid to help place towers.
  • The most recently obtained high score is now highlighted.
  • Enhanced the visual quality of the title screen and the maps.
  • Improved the user interface.

NEW OPTIONS (Found in Settings on the iPhone home screen.)

  • Set defaults for player name, difficulty and gameplay mode.
  • Adjust sound and music volume.
  • Turn grid on/off.
  • Turn tutorials on/off.
  • Play your own MP3s in game by turning off sound.
New map!

New map!

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