FotoTimer – Love at Low Light

Mac About Town (the developer behind the App Store’s first self timer camera app) has sent us a copy of a soon to be released version 1.1 of FotoTimer that has additional features implemented. FotoTimer is a simple but useful app that allows you to delay the camera timer by 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds so you can take a group shot without leaving anyone behind. For camera shots at low light, setting a timer helps reduce the noise and blurriness caused by tapping the screen and a shaky hand. This new release will include a countdown sound so that you will know when a photo will be taken, as well as an option to automatically have a photo saved to your camera roll after FotoTimer snaps a shot.

A few simple test shots at low lighting showed improved images when the self timer was used and my iPhone propped up. No more unsteady hands and the slight shaking of the phone when tapping the shutter button.

It's ah me ah, Luigi! (taken with stock camera app)

FotoTimer set to 5 seconds delay

Interface to set timer

Interface to set timer

FotoTimer is simple to use and effective at what it was made to do. For those who want better pictures in low lighting or want group shots, FotoTimer should do the trick just fine. Available at a special introductory price of $0.99.

Note: Mac About Town has submitted Version 1.1 of FotoTimer to the App Store today (November 19th) and should be available for download soon.

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