A look at Movie Challenge: You think you know your movies?

Movie Challenge, developed by Redwind Software, is a recently released movie game for the iPhone. Looking around the App Store, there appears to be quite a few such trivia games out there already. While I personally haven’t tried the others just yet, most of them offer what seems to be limited styles of play. This is where Movie Challenge steps up to the plate. Redwind Software has designed the game with loads of features in mind. Besides a trivia mode where the user must choose the correct answer out of x number of questions (as seen in most trivia games), Redwind offers multiple game types:

  • Jumble – Rearrange jumbled letters to make the name of a movie in that category.
  • Order – Drag and drop answers in the correct order.
  • Preview- Reveal name of the movie by guessing one letter at a time. Every wrong guess and a member of your audience leaves. Must guess correctly before entire crowd leaves  the theater. Think hangman.
  • Quotes – This  Quote or tagline belongs to one of four movies. Guess the right one.
  • Trivia – The standard trivia affair where you must guess the right answer out of 4 questions
  • True/False – Verify or dismiss this movie fact
  • What Year? – Select the correct year to go with question. After the first wrong answer, you get a hint. Another wrong answer and you lose the question.

Main Game Board

Choosing a category on the board will take you here

The game revolves around a board which is made up of 20 squares which represent categories. Your objective is to make your way from the first row all the way down to the fifth row. Completing any square in this row will end your current game. Once you choose a square, you are taken to a screen with two rows of game types. Only the top row is playable and you must choose a game (trivia, true/false, quotes etc). A shuffle option is also available if you don’t like what the top row offers and want to try your luck with game types that appear on the second row. Completing a game for your category will open up previously unplayable squares directly adjacent, both horizontally and vertically. If you fail to complete that category square, it will stay locked and you are not able to advance to the next row via this route.

With so many options in the game, you can also go for the quick win by making your way down vertically without worrying about new squares that open up horizontally. If you want to try and crack the Global Top 100 scores though, you may want to work your way around the board and complete all the squares for your best score. Answering a question quickly will yield more points, while a wrong answer in the same amount of time will also deduct more points from your total. Movie Challenge also gives players Power Ups throughout the game. They range from giving you more time to solve a question to removing wrong options from an answer set. These power ups can also be replenished by reaching certain score targets.

Future question pack updates will add to the 5,000 original movie questions. Though I am not a huge movie buff by any means, I found Movie Challenge to be a well polished and fun game. With so many features and different ways to play the game, movie addicts will find hours of entertainment alone or with a group of friends. Available now for $1.99

This copy of Movie Challenge courtesy of Redwind Software

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