Touch Physics in Review: One more reason to keep touching my iPhone

Games sure have changed over the years. Developers are constantly finding new ways of bringing innovation to game design in order to engage the modern gamer. Players want new ideas and innovations that capture the imagination. Well, Touch Physics is one of these games.  It won’t win awards for 3D effects or graphics any time soon. What it will do though is captivate its players with gameplay and design.

The objective of Touch Physics is simple. You must guide the purple wheel through different obstacles to its destination, which happens to be a star. While many games make use of tilting your iPhone for movement, Touch Physics makes use of the laws of physics to interact with objects on the screen. To move the wheel forward, draw another circle above its back end and watch this new circle fall. When the two drawings collide, your wheel will now roll forward. Want to make your own seesaw? Go ahead! Draw a circle, then make a straight line sitting above it. If the wheel is on one end of this seesaw, drawing a larger object above the other end will eventually launch the wheel across the screen like a catapult.

The game may look simple with graphics drawn by a 3 year old using nothing but crayons, but looks can be deceiving! Some levels really require you to think. On one level, I was stuck for nearly 30 minutes before I was able to reach the star. Double tapping on a user drawn object will erase it from the screen. Utilizing this technique will help you solve certain levels. The actual physics of the objects interacting with each other feel quite incredible. A small cirlce drawn falling down on the wheel will hardly move it. Drawing the same falling object much larger will help push the wheel with more force. With 30 levels in the game, players will be forced to think outside the box in order to reach that star.

Wifi signal?

Wifi signal?

Like a bowling ball smashing some pins

Like a bowling ball smashing some pins

The music in the game is surprisingly good. Nothing fancy, just an acoustic guitar playing a tune in loops . Somehow, I never got tired of it and actually found it quite soothing. If you want to play your own tunes, go ahead and rock to your favorite N’Sync number.

I did find the game a bit on the short end. With only 30 levels, players will undoubtedly want more puzzles. If you have finished the game, there is an option to change the physics in the game. Want your wheel to bounce more or change up the gravity a bit? It’s all there for you to play around with. I sent Mark Simpson, developer of Touch Physics, an email and asked him if more levels are on the way. He responded with little delay and let me know that he is currently working on and almost finished a level creator that will enable users to create / edit their own levels. Plans for sharing these created levels online will also make its way to an update very shortly. This will essentially create nearly unlimited replay value for all players in the near future.

Touch Physics is truly a fun and remarkable game. Playing it reminds us that a great game doesn’t need special effects or sweet eye candy. With more than one way to solve a level, players will be drawing shapes over and over again until Mark releases the map editor. At $0.99, you really can’t go wrong buying this game.

App Summary
Title:Touch PhysicsDeveloper:Mark Simpson
Price:$0.99App Size:6.6 mb
  • Great Physics engine
  • A game that both kids and adults will enjoy
  • Players will be challenged
  • Law of physics can be changed so the game can be enjoyed with more challenge
  • 30 levels are not enough. We want more!
  • Wheel can sometimes bump through objects if lots of drawings on screen

  • Stella

    I love this game! But I cannot pass level 29. Please provide tips if anyone has passed it.

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