New Google Speech Recognition App delayed by Apple?

Google was set to release what could very well be one of the most useful apps for the iPhone, a speech recognition tool that would return search results simply based on your speech. Say “movie showtimes” and based on your location, the app will return results of movies closest to you. Basically, instead of typing what you want searched, just say it. It’s that simple. Another cool feature of this updated Google Mobile App is that it uses the iPhone accelerometer. So when the phone is raised to the user’s ear, it will go into “listen” mode.

The supposed release date was set for November 14. Now a day later and still no sight of it at the App Store, there are rumors that Apple may possibly be delaying its release or even blocking it for some reason of their own. Are they planning on releasing their own version of speech recognition? Of course, it is way too early to say for sure what Apple’s plans are for Google’s product, if any at all. Hopefully, the app will be released any minute now so we can all search with our voice, and not just our fingers.

[via computerblog]

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