Zombie Attack! in Review: Zombieees!

Zombies on the iPhone…check. Defending against Zombies in an Apocalyptic World on the iPhone …check. IUGO Mobile Entertainment, the brains behind Toy Bot Diaries and  Shaky Summit, has released yet another quality title on the iPhone.  The moment I saw the words Zombie and IUGO together, I knew I was in for a treat.

Zombie Attack! is a 3D tower defense game where your mission is simple indeed. As a survivor in a Zombie Apocalypse, your sole purpose is to stay alive and protect your shack. Four Weapons of Mass (Zombie)Destruction are at your disposal; machine guns, flame throwers, spinning axes and cannons. You must strategically place these around the map in order to stop the hordes of Zombies from marching their way to your shack.

Unlike other iPhone defense games where you simply drag a weapon by finger to place a tower on the map, IUGO made full use of the iPhone and adds a new twist. By tilting your iPhone, you control the movement of your survivor to build weapons on the ground as well as dodge hungry Zombies. Want to build a canon in front of the shack? Tilt your iPhone to move your character to the spot you desire and click on the 1 of 4 weapons on the right hand menu. Click ‘Build’ and watch your WM(Z)D shred your new friends to pieces. Moving your character around the map is necessary for not only keeping your innards from being eaten, but also to upgrade your weapons. When your survivor is close to a weapon, you can choose to upgrade it in order to increase one of five stats: Damage, Range, Delay, Decap and De-Arm. The spinning axe for instance can de-arm as well as decapitate a Zombie. A Zombie with no arms will do half the damage and a Zombie with no head will walk aimlessly, attacking only things beside it. If your defensive placements are not effective or you don’t make use of weapon upgrades,  Zombies will destroy your precious shack and thus ending the game. We don’t know what’s in this shack, or why zombies want to rip it to pieces. If you are wondering why a shack, my answer is “who cares! It’s a zombie game!”.

IUGO designed the game in such a way that players can’t just build defensive structures all over the map. Each time a weapon is built, the cost will increase the next time you buy one. For example, when you first buy a weapon, it costs $2. Then it goes to $10, $22, $40, $62, $90 and so forth. The same thing applies to weapon upgrades. What this does is it essentially forces a player to make quality decisions on what weapons to use, how often to upgrade and where to best  position them.

The 3D graphics are great and works very well with the game. Watching a saw decapitate or ‘de-arm’ a zombie is a blast. Watching a canon blow a zombie up gets even better! The attention to detail is also fantastic. The smoke trails from explosions, the blood splatters and soot marks on the ground, or the flames blasting their way out of the flamethrower. Very impressive indeed.

Though not without faults, there are some areas I would like to see that could improve the game experience even more. The ability to move your survivor simply by tilting is fantastic, but it would have been a nice addition if we were given the option to also control movement by tapping or sliding our finger. I found that sometimes the tilt was quite sensitive and I had to move my iPhone back and forth multiple times just so I could build a canon at one VERY specific spot. Try doing this with Zombies nibbling on your scalp can be quite a task. The other thing I would like to see is the visual range of the weapons. Currently, you really don’t know how far a gun or a cannon can shoot. It is more guess work than anything. If you can actually see this range, it would aid in how far apart you want your defensive towers.

Watch those limbs fly!

Watch those limbs fly!

IUGO has continued their trend of releasing quality games with the release of Zombie Attack! Players will find a game that is highly addictive and very well polished. Replay value is great since you can utilize a different strategy each time you play the game. This is a must have game for anyone who likes an action packed title and fun gameplay. The best part of all this? The game only costs $0.99!! If you haven’t bought this yet, what are you waiting for?

App Summary
Title: Zombie Attack! (v1.0) Developer: IUGO
Price: $0.99 App Size: 4.4 mb
  • 3D graphics are great and watching those limbs fly is even better
  • Innovative use of tilt control in a tower defense game
  • Addictive gameplay
  • A challenging game that will make you want to beat your previous high score.
  • No background music. Only sound effects
  • Only 1 map level
  • Would be nice to control survivor with finger as well
  • No visual mark for range of weapons

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