Want to speed up your jailbroken iPhone?

When I first jailbroke my iPhone 3G, I spent loads of time downloading cool looking themes via Winterboard and trying them out. Some themes were a real treat to look at, but there were stability problems (some themes seemed to slow the iPhone down more than others). Eventually, the novelty wore off and I went back to using the stock springboard theme.

Though I had stopped using themes, I didn’t actually delete winterboard from cydia. By this time, my iPhone felt sluggish and everything seemed slower than pre-jailbreak. That’s when I came across a post on iPhoneinCanada suggesting uninstalling Winterboard
to speed things up once again. I can’t say for sure how much faster my iPhone is now after deleting Winterboard, but I would say anywhere from 30%-50% faster! Needless to say, if you find your jailbroken iPhone slowing you down and can live without those shiny looking themes, try uninstalling Winterboard. Personally, I much prefer stability and speed to just looks. Give it a try and see if this works out for you.

  • Vicky

    but how do I do that. Cuz I can’t do it from cydia anymore, I just deleted it. : 0

  • Jean-Luc

    LOL why would you delete cydia? They’ve got programs designed specifically to prevent you from doing that :p

    If you don’t have icy or cydelete, i think you’ll just have to re-jailbreak.

  • What theme is that?

  • Rykah

    Nope. Sorry. Can NOT live without my Winterboard!

  • DuncMullen

    If you can’t lice without Winterboard, there is another solution. Try to cut back on mobilesubstrate tweaks. They slow your iPhone a whole lot. Also, when you go to play a 3D game or something like that, turn on safe mode and your device will be faster and consume FAR less battery.

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