Sapus Tongue: Hoola Hoop for your…..wrist!

Thanks to Ricardo Quesada, developer of  Sapus Tongue, for dropping by and notifiying me about his iPhone game. Sapus Tongue takes the iPhone and turns it into a mini-Wii!  The object of the game is to launch one of two game characters as far as possible. They are Sapus, the super-hero toad and Monus, the anti-hero monkey. Sapus uses his tongue as a launching pivot, and Monus uses his tail.

Battle of the heavyweights

Battle of the heavyweights

The game  makes use of the iPhone accelerometer as a way of controlling how far a gamer can launch these cute critters. To play, the gamer moves the device with rhythm and dexterity, increasing the power to launch Sapus and Monus.

The game also includes additional features, such as:

  • Realistic physical simulation
  • Saves top scores to iPhone and a global server
  • Video Instructions detailing how to play the game
  • Turn sound on/off
  • Automatic pause during incoming phone call

The best part of all this? The game is only $0.99 for a limited time! Get the game now while the price is still hot!

Sapus Tongue

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