Worder in Review: Worder also spells Reword

Word games are extemely popular in the App Store. With easily over a hundred such titles available on the iPhone, choosing one that stands out can be a hit and miss process. Personally, I love word games for the simple fact that it can be both entertaining and educating at the same time. I have discovered words I had not previously known by simply making guess attempts. Now that’s time well spent! So how does Worder stack up with the rest of the competition?

The main board in Worder is made up of 9 blocks of letters, laidout in a 3×3 format. Your objective is to form words that are at least 3 letters long with the available letters. You cannot “scramble” these letters up if you get stuck. What you are given at the start of each game is what you will have to play with. All of these letters also make up a 9 letter word, so this will be one of the bigger challenges. At the bottom of the screen, you will see how many words are possible with all the letter combinations as well as how many you have formed.

I always thought porn was a word. Worder thinks otherwise

The controls are simple enough. Tapping the letters will build your word in a small box. The plus sign is to submit your word and the minus sign to undo your word. If your word is accepted, it will be added into a list underneath the letters. Using your finger, you can scroll on the list to see all the words that have already been entered (in case you have forgotten in puzzles that have dozens of possible word combinations).

The look of Worder is very clean and simple and I have no problems with that. In fact, I quite like the simplistic look of Worder. What I do have a problem with is it’s simplistic gameplay. There is basically only one way to play the game. No time limit options or a varied 4×4 or 5×5 board of letters. Tapping on each letter is fine, but it would have been nice to be able to slide along to choose your word. If you make a mistake with a letter and want to go back one, the minus button will delete the entire word. Thus you have to tap all the letters out again. Another issue that I feel disrupts the flow of the game is the alert system. If you enter a duplicate word or one that is not in the game’s database, worder will notify you via iPhone’s default alert screen. Once or twice is fine, but constantly seeing this box pop up got on my nerves.

Word not found. Word not found.....system overload...

Word not known. Word not known.....system overload...

At it’s heart, Worder is a no frills word game that could satisfy diehard fans of the genre. For the casual word game player however, there are certainly better choices out there. Instead of $2.99, $0.99 seems more appropriate for a title that has potential to be much more. Worder gets our “Tap this App” rating.

App Summary
Title: Worder (v1.0) Developer: Peter Damen
Price: $2.99 App Size: 3.9 mb
  • It’s a word game!
  • Graphics are simple but still works for the most part
  • Good challenge even for word game addicts
  • No variations in gameplay
  • Can’t scramble letters
  • Only 9 letters to play with
  • iPhone alert warning a distraction to flow of game

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