Please Fix the iPhone: If it IS broke, fix it?

Since the original 2G iPhone was released, users have hoped and prayed for what seemed like obvious features. Copy and Paste, MMS support, Flash content in Safari. Of course, these three notables are just part of a long list of what people really want on their iPhone. Want to see what this list includes? Well, y’er in luck! Thanks to FullSix’s iPhone website, you can see this list AND add your very own. The innovative and well designed website allows all iPhone users to give a voice on what’s missing on the phone. Once you add to the “Wish List”, others can vote on it as well. The more votes, the higher it climbs on the wish list rankings. Currently, the missing MMS feature is ranked #1, with copy and paste and flash support closely behind.  There is also a “Fixed” section, where you will find wishes that are finally implemented on the iPhone.

A user rightfully ashamed to have a non-MMS featured phone

A user rightfully ashamed to have a non-MMS abled phone

See what's already fixed

See what's already fixed

Of course, you will find items on the list as just pure “wishful thinking”, as in this users input:

iPhone has same problems as lot of their competitors. Why not Apple join the Symbian, Android and Palm community and let developers work across to create multiple cross platform applications. After all all of these guys are friends and they do communicate behind doors. Enough of nonsense about owing and creating application for your own preparatory use.

Perhaps Apple won’t ever bother reading this list. The point is that it sure is nice to have your voice heard. Who knows, maybe if enough people speak out, Jobs will be listening.

Add and/or vote on the site now if you haven’t already!

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